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When a project has to be coordinated, Construction Encore offers four flexible formulas to address the various needs of the industry. For full details of any of these solutions, just contact us.

With a fixed price contract, Construction Encore sets a firm price for all the services required for the execution of the work, based on the designs and specifications supplied by the client’s professionals.

This fixed price can only be revised with the consent of these professionals, in the event of economic changes, unforeseen circumstances or requests by the client for changes to the project.

Based on past experience, Construction Encore recommends this type of mandate when a project poses budgetary challenges and the client wants as few responsibilities as possible.

With this type of mandate, Construction Encore acts as the client’s manager or manager-representative, for a pre-agreed fee. The manager takes charge of executing the project in conjunction with the professionals, from the design stage right through to delivery to the client, also controlling and monitoring the construction work.

Project management and construction management differ from each other in terms of the roles played by the client and the work manager. In a project management mandate, it is the client who negotiates agreements with sub-contractors. In a construction management mandate, agreements with sub-contractors are negotiated by the manager.

The experts at Construction Encore recommend this type of mandate for projects with challenging deadlines (fast-track construction) in which the client agrees to share responsibilities.

With this type of mandate, you know what the maximum cost of the project will be. With a guaranteed maximum price, Construction Encore still acts as manager (or manager-representative) for the client in exchange for remuneration which is usually based on a cost-plus contract. The manager takes charge of execution of the project, in conjunction with the professionals, from the design stage right through to delivery to the client; this includes controlling and monitoring the construction work.

However, at the design phase, Construction Encore establishes the budget jointly with the client, based on a detailed evaluation. This budget is approved by the parties and becomes the maximum price guaranteed by the manager-contractor.

Construction Encore’s innovative management means this type of mandate is ideal for projects involving technical, commercial and financial challenges; it limits the risks associated with the client’s investment.

This is another type of fixed price contract in which Construction Encore designs the project, performs the work and delivers it in accordance with a performance specification proposed by the client, for a fixed price.

Construction Encore is able to handle any type of project in an original manner, because the company constantly seeks out the simplest, most cost-effective solutions.

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